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Let’s Accomplish Change Ltd provides highly specialised occupational therapy for clients with brain or spinal cord injuries in the North East and Cumbria.

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Occupational Therapist

If you are experiencing difficulty in carrying out your everyday tasks such as employment or education, leisure activities or self-care tasks following an accident, or due to an illness then you could benefit from the services of an occupational therapist.

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“Occupational therapists play a critical role in helping people of all ages overcome the effects of disability caused by illness, ageing or accident so that they can carry out everyday tasks or occupations. An occupational therapist will consider all of the patient’s needs - physical, psychological, social and environmental. This support can make a real difference giving people a renewed sense of purpose, opening up new horizons, and changing the way they feel about the future.” (Royal College of Occupational Therapists 2019)

Dr. Angela Birleson

Dr Angela Birleson

Specialised Occupational Therapy

We can provide highly specialised occupational therapy intervention for people who have an acquired brain injury, spinal injury, stroke or a long term neurological condition.

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